Marine & Coastal Science major

Transfer Students

Before admittance into the Marine and Coastal Science major at UC Davis, transfer students should complete preparatory coursework equivalent to the following:

  • MAT 16A-B-C or 17A-B-C or 21A-B-C
  • CHE 2A-B-C
  • BIS 2A-B-C
  • PHY 7A-B-C or 9A-B-C

Optional coursework:

  • CHE 8A-B or 118A-B-C (for the focus area in Marine Ecology and Organismal Biology only)

Please use to find course equivalents between your community college and UC Davis.

This is a sample study plan. See your major adviser for a personalized academic plan.
[ A pdf version is available here. ]

Transfer Students Sample Study Plans