Research Experiences for Undergraduates (2005-2010)

2005 - 2010 REU Program

Directed by Dr. Susan Williams

See 2005-2010 Student Project Posters.

About the BML REU ProgramParticipants in the Summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program, supported by the National Science Foundation, spent eight weeks developing confidence and independence in completing research and communicating science. The program gave priority to students who are at the beginning of their career and may not have significant prior research experience. BML's summer REU students had the opportunity to interact with ~30 other under-graduates, 15-20 graduate students, and as many as 50 faculty, researchers, and staff. REU students joined barbecues, soccer games, seminar socials, and informal get-togethers through their stay at BML.


REU Students and FacultyFaculty and other mentors provided one-on-one research training, from choosing a topic to writing a paper, in a supportive and encouraging environment. Students learned to communicate their research results in an effective way in special modules during the program. Students also developed essential career survival skills; the program provided modules in science ethics and effective science communication. Guest scientists visited the program to interact with the student participants.


"I cannot imagine a more effective way of actualizing my awe of science and nature than the summer research fellowships I participated in my sophomore and junior years of college"-Abigail Bradley, University of Delaware One BML REU '05 participant's experience, from the Journal of Young Investigators, "A Summer Like No Other", by Abigail Bradley


REU students chose from a variety of study organisms, habitats (both marine and coastal terrestrial), and areas of study, including coastal oceanography, invasive species ecology, pollution effects on marine life and biodiversity. BML is situated on an unparalleled and biologically rich stretch of the California coast north of San Francisco and is a part of the University of California at Davis. BML welcomes a diverse and interactive community of visiting students and scientists each summer.

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