Ocean Health

Dying Oceans: Abalone Restoration In California

May 29, 2019

The ocean is a sponge for all the greenhouse gas emissions we produce, and entire aquatic ecosystems are beginning to collapse. Off the coast of California, the disappearing abalone population is raising flags about ocean health and the lasting impact of rising sea temperatures, acidification and pollution. Various teams of scientists, volunteers and businesspeople are collaborating to protect underwater species threatened by the invasion of sea urchins.

Major Leopard Shark Die-off in San Francisco Bay

May 13, 2017

One of the friendlier apex predators, the leopard shark, is showing up dead all along our northern California coastlines. Scientists suspect the sharks are being killed by a fatal brain infection linked to a fungus that may have been spread by the huge amounts of rain California received this year. Learn what Jim Hobbs, UC Davis research scientist, has to say about this discovery here.  

USF to study how commerical fisherman were affected by BP oil spill 

December 16, 2016

Six years ago, when the Deepwater Horizon disaster forced the federal government to close off vast tracts of the Gulf of Mexico to fishing, some commercial fisherman weighed anchor and tried their luck elsewhere. Others quit fishing to work for BP on the cleanup. 

What Lurks Beneath

January 18, 2016

Troubling ocean conditions have challenged scientists. Is a silent killer entering San Francisco Bay?

This story first appeared in the January–March 2016 issue of Bay Nature magazine.

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