Bodega Undergraduate Student Support Fund

Summer Session Students

This fund was established in March 2018 to provide scholarship support for UC Davis undergraduate students taking courses at Bodega Marine Laboratory.

For over 50 years, BML has offered unique, hands-on courses and research training in the marine sciences.  For many students, these are truly life-changing experiences that provide opportunities to:

  • live and study at a state-of-the-art marine laboratory,
  • work closely with world-class faculty,
  • gain hands-on research experience,
  • explore the diversity of marine life within a spectacular natural reserve,
  • become active members of a vibrant academic community,
  • and develop lifelong friendships.

Students frequently report that the time they spent at BML was the most formative experience of their undergraduate educations. BML students learn to think critically and independently and many are inspired to pursue graduate studies and careers in science. Even for students who decide to pursue careers beyond science, a surprising number report that the skills, confidence, and experiences that they gained at BML have had a lasting influence on their lives. Tuition, room, and board can be a significant financial obstacle for many students. This fund provides scholarships to undergraduate students who might otherwise be unable to take courses at BML. Whether you are an alumnus who has benefitted from your own BML experiences, or a passionate supporter of California’s unique coastal ecosystems, or simply a firm believer in the transformative power of hands-on education -- your donation to this fund will directly benefit the training and success of the next generation of ocean scientists. To hear some recent students talk about the value of their experiences at BML, please watch the short video below.

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Thank you for your support of BML undergraduate students!