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What's killing sea otters? Parasite strain from cats

August 22, 2019

Many wild southern sea otters in California are infected with the parasite Toxoplasma gondii, yet the infection is fatal for only a fraction of sea otters, which has long puzzled the scientific community. A new study identifies the parasite's specific strains that are killing southern sea otters, tracing them back to a bobcat and feral domestic cats from nearby watersheds.

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The Paleo Climate of California

August 07, 2019

Corals are a recent addition to this body of prophecy. Scientists now know that deep-sea corals off the coast of California live for hundreds of years—and they record a ring for every year of their growth, just like a redwood. What their growth rings tell us about past ocean conditions can also illuminate our planet's future. 

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It Pays to Explore in Times of Uncertainty

July 29, 2019

When making choices, people tend either to go with what they know or try something new. We experience this trade-off every day, whether choosing a route to work or buying breakfast cereal. But does one strategy have an advantage over another? Researchers decided to examine this question by looking at fishing boat captains, who face this choice again and again when deciding where to fish.

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Dr. Tawny Mata will join us as Executive Director of the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute

July 05, 2019


Dr. Tawny Mata will join us in August 2019 as the new Executive Director of the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute at UC Davis.

We are extremely fortunate to have someone with her talents and experience to help lead us through the next steps of implementing our Strategic Plan, strengthening and expanding our internal and external programs and partnerships, and continuing to build on the foundation that our remarkable community has developed since CMSI launched, barely 6 years ago.