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UCD Diving Control Board

diving control board

DCB The mission of the UCD Diving Control Board (DCB) is to ensure that University of California, Davis sanctioned scuba or surface supplied diving is done as safely as possible. The Board will accomplish this mission by ensuring that all diving performed under the auspices of the University adheres to established training and safety standards for scientific diving. The Board will also promote the University's subtidal research programs.

The DCB provides focus and guidance to the Diving Officer, and has responsibility to: establish and/or approve training programs and diving projects; recommend changes in policy and procedure; review and approve proposals for research which requires diving under UCD auspices; recommend new equipment or techniques; review, revise, and assure compliance with the diving safety manual.

The DCB also acts as a Board of Appeal to consider diver-related problems; periodically reviews the Diving Officer's performance and program; takes disciplinary action for unsafe practices; suspends diving programs which it considers to be unsafe or unwise; and serves as a Board of Investigation to inquire into the nature and cause of diving accidents and violations of the UCD diving safety manual. The DCB is made up of faculty members, the DSO, the Diving Medical Officer, member of the UCD instructional staff, a student representative, Environmental Health and Safety representative, Secretary, and Senior Divers from the Bodega Marine Laboratory and Tahoe Environmental Research Center. For more information about the DCB, please contact the Diving Safety Program office (707) 875-2032.

Diving Control Board Members

  • Jason Herum (Diving Safety Officer)
  • Karega Paisley (Dive Medical Consultant)
  • Robert Kimsey (Faculty)
  • Keith Miles (Faculty)
  • Katie Senft (TERC)
  • Kristen Elsmore (Secretary/Student Rep)
  • Joe Gaydos (Faculty/SEADOC)
  • Laura Rogers-Bennett (Faculty)
  • Peter Wainwright (Faculty)
  • James Fitzgerald (Boating Safety Officer)
  • David Dann (Instructional Staff/BML)
  • Matt Robart (BML/Southern California Marine Institute Industry Professional)