In order to access BML file servers, and –in some cases- printers, you must have a BML network account.

To request a BML network account:

Have your supervisor, PI, or sponsor send an email request to BML IT, including:

  1. Your first and last name
  2. Your status (student, volunteer, etc.) and affiliation
  3. Your duration at BML
  4. An email address by which to reach you
  5. Location where you’ll be physically located while at BML (lab, room number, etc.)
  6. If applicable, information about specific file server access that you'll need

We will contact you (or the party who requested an account on your behalf) with your network account information.

  • More useful instructions including how to connect to the file servers and printers can be found here.
  • NOTE: The wireless network “BML Guest” is internet only - it does not have access to BML network services. The wireless network “BML” has access to all network services (servers, printers, internet) and requires a password, please contact BML IT for wireless access information.

BML network accounts that are inactive for greater than three months may be disabled during routine system administration. When this happens a new request for an account (including the information in the numbered list above) is required to re-establish the account.