Video Conferencing

We currently utilize several platforms for point-to-point video conferencing between the BML conference room and the CMSI & EVE meeting rooms located in Storer Hall. All three rooms are set up with conferencing equipment for this purpose, creating a virtual meeting space between any two of the rooms.

A camera, speakerphone and tablet system are installed in the BML conference room. Note that the BML conference camera and speakerphone are permanently installed in the conference room and cannot be moved or utilized in another location.

Whether you are hosting a web/video conference or participating in one, please plan ahead - the success of your video conference is dependent on adequate preparation. You may schedule a time with BML IT for an introduction to the equipment, please do this in advance of your scheduled meeting, and note that in general IT does not set up or facilitate video conferences, this equipment is self-serviced. If you experience problems with the equipment, performance, or instructions please let us know.

To use the video conferencing services:

1/ Reserve the conference rooms & appoint equipment operators

Visit the BML front office to sign out the conference room for the time(s) you need. The sign out book is available behind the BML front office desk. Include your name and the span of time you need the room for, and add a note to your reservation that says “Video Conference” so that the room manager knows you must use that particular room.

If you are not located at BML and cannot physically sign out the room, please contact Al Carranza who can sign it out for you. Be sure to include the date and time that you need the room, whether or not it’s a recurring meeting, and that it’s a video conference.

You must also reserve the CMSI meeting room, and appoint someone to operate that end of the equipment, this should be one of the participants who will be present on the Campus side of the meeting.

The CMSI conference room at 1347 Storer Hall is available for seminars, classes, and meetings. Contact Carole Hom to reserve room 1347 Storer Hall. Contact Ken Tran for support with the CMSI video conferencing equipment.

The EVE conference room at 2342 Storer Hall is suitable for academic and administrative meetings. Contact Carla Munoz to reserve room 2342 Storer Hall. Contact Ken Tran for support with the EVE video conferencing equipment.

2/ Familiarize yourself with the equipment & conferencing software ahead of your planned meeting time

Skype is installed on the Conference room laptop, you may use your own account or the conference room account (you can get this from BML IT), and be sure to check the inputs and outputs and verify that they are using the Meeting Owl.

Whether you plan to use Skype, Zoom, or other software, you may schedule a time with BML IT for an introduction to the equipment, however, please do not rely on IT to set up the equipment for your meeting.

If you are unfamiliar with the conferencing system, you should plan for time ahead of your meeting to prep the room including setting up the laptop, connecting to the projector, and placing the conferencing camera and speakerphone appropriately for your group. It’s a good idea to run through the entire set up and connection procedure one time, ahead of your meeting, to ensure you are acquainted with how to operate it and that all the systems are functioning.

Again, you’ll need appropriate room reservations (see above) and a person at both the BML and CMSI rooms to drive the equipment for a test connection.

If you wish to schedule time with BML IT to become familiar with how to use the conferencing system, please do so well in advance of your meeting.

Using your own laptop

When in the conference room, you may use the Meeting Owl (camera and speakerphone) with your own computer and a Skype account (or other service), but this is self-supported - you must be familiar with changing the audio and video inputs and outputs on your own computer.

When you are done with the BML conferencing equipment, please return the room to the state you found it, power off the projector, tidy up the cables, open the window shades, place the Logitech camera and speaker out of the way on the counter.

Please direct questions about video conferencing services to