Library Orientation For New BML Faculty, Staff and Students

Library Orientation For New BML Faculty, Staff and Students

View of CHL from outside Following is your web-based orientation. All new faculty, staff and students are requested to stop by the library as soon as possible for a physical orientation, as well, to become acquainted with library staff, collection layout and equipment. Specific subject interests and customized library services can be discussed at that time. UCD library cards are not needed for use of information resources within the Cadet Hand Library. However, it is strongly recommended that all BML personnel maintain active UCD library registration in order to qualify for campus library services.

Integrity Statement

It is understood that all conduct and activity regarding the Cadet Hand Library, as part of UC Davis, adheres to the Principles of Community, to copyright guidlelines, and to guidelines for courteous use of library and personal devices. The BML director, head of information technology, and library staff will be happy to answer questions about these policies. The BML library is staffed on a less than full-time basis, and operates on the honor system.

What's here?

This is a specialized, departmental library, reflecting current and past BML research and educational programs. Assets include:

  • Dissertations representing local research by graduate students (alphabetical by author)
  • Student reports representing research conducted by undergraduate classes (by course)
  • Books which can be checked out (LC call number order)
  • Class reserve books and readings (dedicated shelf)
  • Reference books and field guides (reference section)
  • Current and back journals in hard copy, (alphabetical order, north end of library)
  • A field guide section for local species information
  • A reprint collection of articles published by BML researchers (special collections room)
  • Special collections and archival material (special collections room)
  • Wireless access to the internet
  • A computer for access to catalogs, databases of citations, e-journals
  • Carrels with data ports for individual study
  • Ocean-facing tables and chairs for study, meetings, and relaxation
  • Binoculars which can be checked out (see library staff)
  • Copy machine and a duplexing laser printer
  • Professional staff

How do you find it?

  • Use the catalogs (PDF access to the catalogs of CHL holdings is available.)
  • Consult library staff

Davis Campus and other Resources - (UC library cards required)

Efficient procedures are in place for bringing information resources to BML, from anywhere in the world. Be sure to discuss your specific needs with library staff.

Other things you need to know

  • Light switches are located just inside the library, and under the wall calendar
  • All eating and open containers of food are prohibited. Coffee, tea and water, in spill proof containers are allowed. 
  • Library doors to the Great Hall stay closed, and are locked during non-business hours
  • The NW corner door to the outside (emergency exit) stays closed
  • Nothing leaves the library without a check out card deposited on the way out
  • Journals and dissertations do not leave the library without arrangement
  • Class reserves, student reports, and reference items do not leave the library
  • Except for class reserves and student reports, do not re-shelve things (leave on re-shelving cart or tables)
  • NO BML or UC library resources leave the BML campus without arrangement

Questions are welcome at