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Aquatic Resources Group Services


For more information please contact theAquatic Resources Group (ARG), 707-875-1978.


An Animal Use and Care permit from UC Davis is required for research involving vertebrate animals.

To acquire aquarium space for plants or animals at BML please email a completed Tank Space Request Form to ARG.

ARG collaborates with BML Physical Plant on seawater system design, construction, maintenance, and repair, as well as design and construction of specific experimental/life support systems for research.

ARG is responsible for live scientific specimen collections for on site research as well as shipment to off site research institutions on a recharge basis. ARG provides oversight and daily responsibility for research animals including data collection, live specimen housing, storage, care and feeding, food stuff procurement, and shipping, on a recharge basis. ARG has primary responsibility for the design, fabrication, modification, and maintenance of public display aquaria/vivaria including associated life support systems on a daily basis, year round.

The Aquatic Resources Group provides design and assembly of custom aquatic systems, the culture of study animals and food items, specimen collection, scientific diving, instrumentation and the collection environmental data, and marine operations. ARG can offer assistance in situations where it may be too costly to assemble, equip, re-train, or deploy a researcher’s own technicians.

Recharge Rate

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Scientific Diving and Marine Operations

ARG is available to conduct scientific diving and marine operations on a recharge basis. Typical projects include: sub tidal transects, instrument deployment and recovery, scientific collections, etc.

Shellfish Hatchery Services

Aquaculture Facility History and Services

Custom Aquatic Systems

ARG designs and fabricates custom aquatic systems for research and public education. By arrangement, ARG can design and install custom systems for off-site research and public displays.

Specimen Collections

The Aquatic Resources Group is permitted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to collect and ship a wide variety of marine organisms to research and educational facilities. Collected specimens are meticulously packed and can be shipped locally, nationally, or internationally. Normal areas of operation extend from San Francisco Bay to Mendocino County. ARG is equipped with the proper collection equipment, including fish traps, crab pots, seines, trawl nets, and hook and line gear. For specific information on species, permit issues, or for a collecting estimate, please contact ARG.

Select specimen collections list:

  • Sponges
  • Fouling organisims
  • Jellies- Aurelia, Chrysaora
  • Anemones- Metridium, Tealia, Anthopleura, Corynactis
  • Urchins-  Strongylocentrotus
  • Sea stars-Pisaster, Asterina, Henricia, Dermasterias, Solaster
  • Sea cucumber- Parastichopus, Cucumaria
  • Clams- Saxidomus,
  • Nudibranchs- many genera
  • Snails- many
  • Scallops- Hinnites
  • Barnacles- Balanus
  • Mussels- Mytilus
  • Chitons- Cryptochiton
  • Polychaetes
  • Fat innkeeper worms- Urechis
  • Olympia oysters Ostrea
  • Crabs Cancer, Emerita, Pagurus, Petrolisthes, Loxorhynchus, Pugettia
  • Shrimp
  • Leopard sharks- Triakis semifasciata
  • Rockfishes- Sebastes
  • Pacific Herring- Clupea pallisi
  • Ling Cod-  Ophiodon elongatus
  • Greenling- Hexagrammos, Oxylebius
  • True smelts- Osmeridae
  • Surf perch- Embiotocidae
  • Plainfin midshipmen- Porichthys notatus