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BML & CMSI Email Distribution Lists

Email distribution lists 

BML/CMSI maintain internal mail lists for our UC Davis affiliates to communicate with each other, as well as a broader Mailchimp distribution list we use to communicate with affiliates, partners, stakeholders and supporters.

Mailchimp is our primary method of communication, both internally to our UC Davis affiliates and externally to our partners, stakeholders, and supporters. We use this list to send quarterly updates, donor communications, newsletters, breaking news, and events. 

Sign up for BML & CMSI mailchimp lists

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You can manage your preferences or unsubscribe anytime using the link at the bottom of every Mailchimp Email. 

CMSI and BML internal Email distribution lists 

Our sympa lists are for specific purposes and not open to the public. Below are a few of the most commonly used sympa lists.

Common Sympa Lists

  • CMSI-Careers: For current and alumni CMSI affiliates to share job, internship and fellowship announcements.
  • CMSI-FYI: For current and alumni CMSI affiliates to share broader funding opportunities, events and professionally relevant news.
  • BML: For Bodega Marine Laboratory executive leadership, administration, unit and service managers to share operational, administrative, facilities, and event information and announcements with BML residents. Send mail privileges are limited to BML Administration, Faculty, and unit and service managers. Subscribers are BML undergraduate and graduate students, post docs, faculty, staff, short or long-term resident researchers, volunteers and docents. 
  • BML-FYI: For the Bodega Marine Laboratory community to share professional events/opportunities (professional development, outreach events, tours, etc.), BMSA sponsored events, housing needs and availabilities, lost and found, transportation and ride sharing opportunities, lab and field assistance requests/offers, informal congratulatory announcements, and seminar and symposium announcements. Subscribers are BML undergraduate and graduate students, post docs, faculty, staff, short or long-term resident researchers, volunteers and docents.

Managing Sympa List Subscriptions

Visit the UCD sympa website and sign in with your Email. From there, you’ll be able to view and manage your list subscriptions. 

Subscribe through your Email

  • Send an email to from the address you want to subscribe to the list. 
  • In the subject line of your message, type in: subscribe nameofthelist Firstname Lastname (replace 'nameofthelist' with the name of the list you want to subscribe to and indicate your own first and last name).
  • Leave the message body blank and send.

After this, you will receive a message telling you whether your request was accepted or not: If the subscription to the list is subject to any approval, the list owner may choose not to subscribe you. If so, do not send several other requests as the result will remain the same. You may send a message directly to the list owner ( to explain why you really want to subscribe to the list...

Note: You will sometimes be asked to confirm your subscription request before it can be processed. If so, please follow the instructions listed in the message you receive.

Unsubscribe through your Email

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  • In the subject line of your email, type in: unsubscribe nameofthelist (replace 'nameofthelist' with the name of the list you want to unsubscribe from).
  • Leave the message body blank.