Fluorescence Imaging Facility

The Bodimaging labega Marine Laboratory Fluorescence Imaging Facility, includes a scanning laser confocal microscope, an Olympus Fluoview 500 equipped with 4lasers (krypton, argon, red HeNe, and blue diode) providing a full range of excitation wavelengths. The system is mounted on a computer controlled Olympus BX61WI with water and oil immersion objectives and a temperature controlled stage. The software (Tiempo) is designed for ratio and ion analyses.

A fluorescence video imaging system consisting of a Photometrics Coolsnap HQ camera, Sutter Lambda 10-2 excitation and emission wheel controller, and Universal Imaging Metamorph software. This is interfaced on an Olympus BX50WI fixed stage upright microscope that also has the PTI microfluorometer emission PMT mounted next to the Photometrics camera. A Peltier cooled/heated custom stage is designed for that particular microscope. Also available is a Nikon AZ100 stereo fluorescence microscope with a custom cooled stage and a xenon fiber optic illumination system with computer controlled shutter. There are three other epifluorescence microscopes (two upright and one inverted), one equipped with an MTI Dage and Optronics color 3-chip CCD cameras for image capture.

A fluorescence/chemiluminescence gel documentation system (UVP Epichem II) with a 12 bit cooled CCD camera (Photometrics Sensys) is present. A Tecan fluorescence plate reader is also within the facility. Photon Technology Incorporated spectrofluorometer with ratiometric and ion quantitation software. This has a temperature-controlled turret with stirring capabilities. The fiber optic cable can be placed as an excitation source on both upright and inverted microscopes for microfluorometry with the emission PMT.

For more information about these facilities, please contact BML.