A young child holding a mottled orange and dark brown sea star in outstretched hands, while adult hands reach in to steady their hands.


One of the core values of CMSI is engagement. We strive to build relationships with partners and stakeholders that leverage our collective resources, define and address challenges together in a non-partisan forum, and advance relevant knowledge. Faculty, researchers, and students work with communities, stakeholders, and decision-makers to extend knowledge beyond the university and collaboratively develop new avenues for research.

Public Events

Two hands touching a piece of Codium fragile or "dead man's fingers" above a glass container that contains an orange sea star

UC Davis Picnic Day

The Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Bodega Marine Laboratory's exhibit at UC Davis Picnic Day continues to connect BML to the campus community. For some students, Picnic Day has led to coursework and study at BML as part of their education. Picnic Day is the largest student-run event in the United States and is the annual Open House for UC Davis with over 50,000 visitors annually.

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A blue tank filled with rockfish in the forefront, and in the background people milling around a large hall at the entrance to BML
Image by Fred Greaves

Public Education and Outreach

The Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) is committed to public education and outreach through our active docent program and exquisite aquaria, tidal mesocosm, and a variety of interpretive displays. Public tours are available on Fridays at 2pm for groups of less than 10 people. These tours are free of charge, but require a reservation. Group tours may be scheduled by appointment on other weekdays.

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Symposia and Seminars

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CMSI and DSP Joint Science Symposia

CMSI has partnered with the Delta Science Program (DSP)/Delta Stewardship Council to develop symposia focused on San Francisco-Bay Delta, with the goal of engaging policy makers and developing a use-inspired research agenda. Joint Science Symposia and Workshops have focused on topics ranging from salmon and climate variability, contaminants and multiple stressors, managed relocation and science communication.

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A view of Bodega Marine Laboratory from across Horseshoe Cove
Image by Fred Greaves

Bodega Marine Laboratory Seminars

The John & Mary Lousie Riley Seminar Series- The public is invited to BML’s seasonal weekly seminars virtually on select Wednesdays through zoom. Scientists from outside BML are invited to present their latest research and meet with BML residents and graduate students. The seminars are also live-streamed to the conference space in CMSI for the campus community.

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Programs and Associations

A group of young people walking on a grass lined road
Image courtesy of the Sustainable Oceans NRT

National Science Foundation Research Traineeship

The National Science Foundation Research Traineeship (NRT), “Sustainable Oceans: From Policy to Science to Decisions” program will train the next generation of marine scientists under a new paradigm that puts the policy focus on the front-end of the research and training enterprise as a means of building more effective links between the science and decisions on sustainable use of living marine resources. This program is in its final active year, and the application window has closed.

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A large red abalone in a white tank with it's tentacles spread out from under the shell

Bodega Marine Sciences Association

Bodega Marine Sciences Association (BMSA) is a group of students, researchers, staff, faculty, and volunteers of the Bodega Marine Laboratory community. BMSA members organize and volunteer at local community events, such as the Bodega Bay Farmer's Market, Coastal Cleanup Day, and planned work days for invasive species removal. BMSA works with local high school and community college students at the BML to engage them in marine science first-hand, mentoring students on how to conduct scientific research in the lab and in the field. 

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Ways to Give

Community engagement starts with funding activities for discovering, understanding, and communicating science. Gifts to the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute and Bodega Marine Laboratory ensure those programs can meet the ever-growing need for impactful education about our coasts and oceans in schools and communities throughout California, the United States, and the world.

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