Cape Horn & Ted Frantz

Small Boat Operation

BML's small boats are available for research and can be checked out for individual use.

To become a BML small boat user, you are required to

  1. Complete the Small Boat Application
  2. Complete a boating training course, such as offered by the Department of Boating and Waterways, Power Squadron, or Coast Guard Auxiliary. See UCD/BML Boating Safety.
  3. Have current CPR and First Aid certification
  4. Complete a check out ride with qualified Marine Operations personnel
  5. Review the Small Boat Guidelines

To reserve a boat once you are on file as a user

  1. Check availability on the small boat calendar.
  2. Return the Small Boat Application to BML Marine Operations who will add your name to the calendar.
  3. If necessary, check out a truck to launch and retrieve boat (see Alex, x2019).
  4. Once prepared to go, file a Float Plan or Multi-Day Float Plan either with the BML front office during business hours or with an appropriate responsible party after hours.

During your trip, if you had any incidents, accidents, injuries or equipment problems, WE NEED TO KNOW. Please return a Vessel Incident Report to BML Marine Operations or Marine Operations personnel are here to help. If you have special requirements, let us know and we will work with you to meet your needs. Contact BML Marine Operations with boating questions or comments.

See Guidelines for Small Boats

See Hourly Vessel Rates


BML owns several kayaks that are available for researcher and student use. To check out a kayak, you must:

  1. Be checked out in advance by either the Boating Safety officer James Fitzgerald, David Dann, or designated proxy.
  2. BML Float Plan or Multi-Day Float Plan with the BML front office during business hours or with an appropriate responsible party after hours.
  3. Always wear flotation.
  4. Preferably go with a buddy unless pre-approved to kayak alone.
  5. Never kayak after dark.
  6. NEVER use a kayak on the open coast or mouths of waterways, such as the Bodega Harbor mouth or Tomales Bay mouth.

All Kayak equipment must be returned rinsed and cleaned with fresh water and re-stowed back into the boathouse. To ensure availability, kayak reservations can be made in advance (at least 48 hours) through the Boating Safety officer James Fitzgerald or David Dann. Consideration of use will be given on a case by case basis. Kayaking in our local waters can be dangerous and must be approached with an adequate understanding of the risks. We will discuss with you your accident management plan, contingency plans, environmental and other hazards, etc. before releasing vessels.

the Cape Horn
The Cape Horn
Small Boat Fleet

Please direct inquiries regarding the small boat fleet, including vessels not listed here, to BML Marine Operations.

At 19 feet, and powered by a 150 hp outboard, the R/V Cape Horn is an ideal platform for diving and other marine research operations in both bay and near coastal waters. It is comprehensively outfitted with mapping GPS, depth sounder, radios, electric davit, safety gear and allows researchers to get up or down the coast quickly and safely.


The Henricia
At  15 feet, and powered by a 20hp  outboard, the R/V Henricia is an ideal platform for diving and other types of marine research operations. Its shallow draft, high carrying capacity and durable hypalon material make it an ideal vessel for use in estuaries, bays and near coastal waters.