Connect to a BML File Server - Windows

Accessing the BML File Server from a PC

Please note:

  1. Many of the file server (called "Chinook") shared directories have been migrated to - please contact for more information about access.
  2. Be sure that you are using the “BML” wireless network, the "BML Guest" wireless network is internet only, and doesn’t allow access to printers and file servers.

These instructions assume that you have established credentials (an account) on the BML network. 

Connect to a BML File Server - Windows

  • If necessary, enable "Network Discovery" on your PC, to do so:
    • Type "network" in the search box and choose Network and Sharing Center in the list to open it.
    • Select "change advanced sharing settings" to move on. Choose "turn on network discovery". Save changes.
  • Go to the Windows start screen and type \\chinook
  • Hit the enter key, you will be prompted for your BML network credentials
    • Username = ad3\UCDkerberosusername (note the \backslash\ after ad3 and in front of your username). Password = your UC Davis kerberos password.
  • The file explorer window will now let you browse the contents of the network resource you specified.

To "Map" a network drive, right click on on the share you want to map, for example "Users". A pop up menu will appear, choose the option to "Map Network Drive". A dialogue box will open. Choose a drive letter for the mapping and make sure that "Reconnect at login" is checked, choose "Finish". See below.

If you browse to "My Computer", you should see the mapped network drive that you just created.

To permanently disconnect the drive mapping, from "My Computer" right click on the drive mapping and choose "Disconnect".

map network drive