Three bright orange sea stars attached to a rock that is sticking slightly out of the water
A person in a polka dot shirt and face mask standing in front of a group of students and gesturing while instructing a course on science writing.

MCS Lead Mentor Courses:

The MCS Lead Mentor teaches courses in Fall, Winter, and Spring that prepare MCS majors for their future. The courses include professional development, career exploration, and a seminar series journal club.

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Resource Topics:

If you have questions about:

  • Getting involved in the Marine Science Club:
  • Professional development opportunities and career planning:
  • Your undergraduate coursework and meeting degree requirements
  • Your undergraduate career, in general:
    • contact Anne Todgham, the Master Advisor for the MCS major.
  • How to share your experiences as a marine science student at UC Davis on the CMSI blog and social media:
  • CMSI (Coastal and Marine Science Institute) programs,