Inside the Kueltz Lab at UC Davis

May 13, 2021

Written by Nicole Drake

Dr. Kueltz’s background

Dr. Dietmar Kueltz describes himself as  “...a comparative biologist and most interested in mechanisms of stress-induced evolution. My lab studies how fish and marine invertebrates counteract environmental stress.” Originally from Berlin, Germany, he grew up interested in aquatic life. “I was diving and swimming a lot,” he said, “and I am interested in watersports and just about everything aquatic.” Dr. Kueltz attributes this early love of aquatics to his interest in studying stress and evolution in aquatic organisms.

On Environmental Justice, Climate Justice, and Ocean Justice

March 30, 2021

On November 30th, 2020, the UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute welcomed Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson as the first speaker in our Climate Justice Seminar Series. Dr.

What is Coastal Upwelling and Why is it Important?

March 22, 2021

Written by: Jenna Quan

Picture this: Stepping through the doors into the Great Hall of the Bodega Marine Laboratory, you are immediately greeted with a spectacular ocean view through the glass doors down the hall. You walk over to get a better view of the waves crashing into the rocky bluffs on the Reserve, open the doors, and… pow! A forceful gust of wind immediately swoops in to greet you. These strong winds in the springtime are one of the most iconic features of Bodega Bay and the rest of the northern California coastline - they are also the main driver of a phenomenon known as coastal upwelling.

From Plant to Powder: An Eelgrass Odyssey

March 08, 2021

By Audrey Deutsch

Risky Business: Maintaining Economic and Ecological Balance in the Fishing Industry

February 03, 2021

Written By: Jenna Quan

As you gaze down at the piece of salmon sitting atop the sushi roll you just ordered, you may wonder: Where did this fish come from? Who caught it? How are there enough fish being caught to feed all of the other people who ordered a salmon sushi roll today? Will there be enough tomorrow as well? Despite pondering these questions for a few seconds, you probably shrug it off and delve into your delicious meal, not to think of it again until the next time you arrive at a sushi restaurant.

Kelp: California's Coastal Forests

January 12, 2021
Kelp: California's Coastal Forests

Written by Jane Park

Using science to inform the restoration of California’s underwater forests

Kelp forests are underwater forests that support some of the world’s most productive fisheries and unique ecosystems.  Kelp forests occur throughout the world.  California’s kelp forests are particularly unique, as our “redwood forests of the sea” are among the tallest and most productive of the world: Northern California’s “bull kelp” grow an average of 4 in./day and can reach heights over 100 ft.