BML Hazardous Waste Disposal Request

If you are at BML and need to dispose of hazardous materials, please follow these instructions:


1. Print and complete label, affix to your waste (you can print and complete your label in purchasing if you prefer).

2. Bring labeled waste items to the Purchasing department to weigh. Add the weight to the label. All weights are recorded in pounds. Always round UP to the nearest pound.

3. At the designated Purchasing workstation, complete the Hazardous Waste Materials Request Form – see the shortcut on desktop; you will be required to provide a departmental recharge account for each entry.

If any of these 3 steps is incomplete, your Hazardous Waste Material will NOT be accepted.

4.  IMPORTANT! After completing your entries, be sure to SAVE when exiting the program.

Questions about this process to should be addressed to BML Purchasing.