NSF Graduate K-12 Education Program - CAMEOS

Promoting Ocean Literacy Through Coastal, Atmospheric, and Marine Environmental Observing Studies (CAMEOS)

Program directed by Dr. Susan Williams 2010-2016

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Ocean processes are at the heart of global climate predictions and failing fisheries, but are poorly understood by the general public. Broad ocean literacy is needed to build ocean stewardship, strengthen science literacy, and create a new generation of ocean leaders. BML's CAMEOS program builds on national ocean and science literacy initiatives and broadens participation of under-represented graduate and K-12 students in inquiry-based STEM education. Program participants and users of CAMEOS curricula and resources gain a greater understanding of the importance of ocean processes, technological tools, and research to their daily lives, science education, resource management, and environmental stewardship.

The CAMEOS program connects graduate student research and K-12 science curricula to ocean literacy principles, marine laboratory resources, and environmental technology. BML's atmospheric, earth, ocean, and computer scientists partner with science education experts to give graduate students life-long skills in inquiry-based teaching, science content, environmental observing technology, and cyber-infrastructure. Graduate fellows then use their own investigations and training to develop motivational research projects that provide field experiences and access to start-of-the-art sensor networks for middle and high school students. Use of new environmental observing systems and cyber-infrastructure transforms STEM teaching at all academic levels by offering exploration and data-gathering tools for field studies, collaboration, and real and "virtual" research experiences in classrooms and laboratories. K-12 teachers and students are presented with science role models and opportunities to practice all tasks performed by professional scientists, from creating research questions and collecting data to sharing results at scientific conferences.

CAMEOS participants include UC Davis/BML Faculty, Graduate Student Fellows, Science Partners, Local Educators and Students. Learn more about who we are-

Educator Resources and Materials

The Real Process of Science

Funding for CAMEOS was provided by the National Science Foundation's GK-12 Program