Brian Gaylord Receives 2023 Distinguished Teaching Award

Awarded by the UC Davis Academic Senate, this is among the campus’s most prestigious academic awards for 2023

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Brian Gaylord

Brian Gaylord, a professor in the Department of Evolution and Ecology, part of the College of Biological Sciences, has been awarded a Distinguished Teaching Award for outstanding undergraduate teaching. An enthusiastic and passionate lecturer, Professor Gaylord creates a learning environment that supports students tackling difficult topics, together. He emphasizes critical thinking and understanding processes over memorization, and he engages students in effective and thought-provoking ways. All of this happens in the supportive, welcoming climate Professor Gaylord creates in his classrooms, and as his student nominators explain, he offers them the most personalized approach to student evaluation they have encountered at this university. For example, Professor Gaylord organized his EVE 120 class around a term paper of the student’s choice, providing individual written feedback at each step of the process, which helped students feel invested in the course and themselves.

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Brian was also awarded a Faculty Teaching Award in 2020 by the College of Biological Sciences.

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