A person in a dark blue sweater walking along a coastline with waves rolling in on a sandy beach behind them.

The Founding Director of the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Retires

With heartfelt thanks, we reflect on the transformative era that Dr. Rick Grosberg has led at the helm of the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute (CMSI). As Rick embarks on a well-deserved journey into retirement after 40+ years at UC Davis, including a decade as the Director of CMSI, we recognize his indelible contributions and the countless students he has inspired.

Under Rick's stewardship, CMSI forged connections across UC Davis that continue to expand the reach of marine and coastal sciences throughout the university. Rick's ability to bring us together over great food and thoughtful conversations has allowed us to envision how UC Davis can make a lasting impact "from the Sierras to the sea." His leadership solidified partnerships with numerous federal and state agencies, ensuring a robust foundation for the continued success of CMSI for the next decade and beyond.

Rick leaves behind a legacy that will undoubtedly guide CMSI and its community for years to come. May retirement bring him the same joy, fulfillment, and inspiration that he has brought to us throughout his remarkable career. Here's to you, Rick, for an extraordinary journey and a legacy that will continue to shape the future of marine and coastal sciences at UC Davis.

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