Christina Pasparakis, Ph.D.

A person against a white background with long dark hair, glasses, and a gold nose ring, wearing a striped shirt and gray sweater.

Position Title
Assistant Professor

  • Bodega Marine Laboratory
Bodega Marine Laboratory
University of California Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory, PO Box 247, 2099 Westshore Rd, Bodega Bay CA 94923

Dr. Christina Pasparakis is an assistant professor in the Environmental Toxicology Department at University of California, Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory. The long-term goal of her research is to investigate the molecular and physiological mechanisms that allow organisms to cope with environmental stressors, including both anthropogenic and natural stressors. Her research aims to investigate how stressor and toxin exposure in early life stages of local fish and invertebrate species translate to sublethal effects at later life stages. Specifically, Dr. Pasparakis is interested in the interactive and synergistic effects of ultraviolet radiation and toxin exposure.