Bodega Marine Reserve

In the Middle of Everywhere

You can find us in the middle of everywhere! Join UC Davis interns Dawson and Alexa on a journey to the coast, where they meet up with Dr. Ellie Fairbairn and Dr. Suzanne Olyarnik at the Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve. Along the way, they'll see the gorgeous coastline, meet furred, feathered and finned friends, and show you where to grab a tasty meal in Bodega Bay.

A day in the Life of a Land Steward

Recent SRJC graduate in Biology. Will go on to major Global Disease Biology Major at UC Davis under the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Planned career in medical research under a PhD program, and excited to learn about the science world.

Increasing Understanding of Ecological Function to Continue Conserving Our Biodiversity

Kevin Sanchez is a SRJC biology student interested in all things involving science

Greetings reader, my name is Kevin Sanchez and I am a SRJC biology student interested in all things involving science. I have always had a great love of science and this summer I was able to work on the Bodega Marine Reserve with my amazing mentor Luis Morales, a PhD student studying ecology.

Bodega Marine Reserve

Bodega Marine Reserve (BMR), the 362-acres surrounding the Bodega Marine Laboratory, provides protected lands for research and education. Researchers and students come to investigate habitats remarkably diverse for such a small area. Subtidal, rocky intertidal, mudflat, sandy beach, fresh and saltwater marsh, coastal grassland and dune communities are all within walking distance.