Q & A with SRJC Internship Alumn: Fabricio Gomez

F. Gomez

SRJC Intern Fabricio Gomez and BML graduate student mentor Katie DuBois survey the rocky intertidal during the Summer 2017 internship program. Fabricio is now completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a concentration in molecular cell biology at Sonoma State University.

Q: What kind of research experience did you have at BML and what did you learn about marine science or doing science in general?

A:  BML was an amazing experience. Being able to witness and contribute to lab procedures and field-work was really fun and fulfilling. Working with eelgrass was very fascinating, interesting. I had no idea the importance of this plant until I came to the lab.  Seeing the research that Katie [my BML graduate student mentor] is doing involving eelgrass and climate events was outstanding to witness. It was truly inspiring being taught by grad students who are so passionate about the field of marine science. I learned so many different things at BML that are so priceless and so essential. Thanks to Katie I was even able to do an experiment of my own with her guidance. Overall, I am very thankful and lucky for my experience at BML.

F. GomezQ: What was the most rewarding experience during your internship at BML?

A: Learning about different marine species and their importance in our ecosystems and the abilities (learning new lab techniques, using equipment, and working on experiments) that I acquired from my time at BML were the most rewarding. In addition to all the learning it was good to meet so many friendly people.

Q: What was a challenge that you overcame during your internship at BML?

A: A challenge that I overcame was the not asking questions in fear of looking dumb. Instead of ignoring something I did not know, at BML people would always have answers that were marine related. They helped me figure out a lot of science questions that I had!

Q: How has the SRJC-BML internship experience prepared you for your future career goals?

A: If it wasn’t for the SRJC I would have missed on what I consider one of the best experiences of my life. It is also a major stepping stone to the rest of my career and future. I am thankful that SRJC offers internships at BML because I feel that it has changed the lives of many people.