Florian Mauduit, Ph.D.

Florian Mauduit. Image shows a person dressed in a bright yellow shirt with a black graphic on it, wearing sunglasses and a dark colored baseball cap. Background is a body of water and evergreen trees.

Position Title
Postdoctoral researcher

  • Wildlife, Fish and Conservation Biology
  • Department of Anatomy, Physiology & Cell Biology
  • School of Veterinary Medicine
UC Davis Main Campus

Dr. Florian Mauduit is an ecophysiologist and ecotoxicologist with an interest in understanding behavioral, physiological and biochemical mechanisms that underlie an animal’s capacity to cope with environmental variability. Florian’s research focuses particularly on respiratory and cardiovascular physiology, as related to energy metabolism with the objective of applying fundamental knowledge to develop tools and approaches to inform conservation issues and anticipate emerging risks. Current and recent projects have focused on issues and topics such as threatened species Delta Smelt and Longfin Smelt population decline and consequences of oil spills and aquaculture breeding strategy on overall fish health.