Helen Killeen

Helen Killeen

Position Title
Ph.D. Candidate

  • Bodega Marine Laboratory
  • Graduate Group in Ecology
  • Department of Environmental Science & Policy
Bodega Marine Laboratory
Bodega Marine Laboratory, PO Box 247, 2099 Westshore Rd, Bodega Bay CA 94923

Pronouns: she/her

Helen Killeen is a Ph.D. candidate at UC Davis who studies the ecology of coastal marine systems with a focus on the commercially, culturally and ecologically important fisheries of California. Helen's research is motivated by sustaining healthy and resilient wild-capture fisheries. Her dissertation focuses on describing how the ocean influences fish and plankton and how these linkages may shift with climate change. Helen is a Climate Ambassador with the American Fisheries Society, has been a California Sea Grant trainee, and has worked on marine resource policy with the National Ocean Council. She is also a boater and educator prioritizing teaching and mentorship in all aspects of her research and advocacy.