Recent Publications

Publications from CMSI affiliates in the past quarter:

Baerwald, Melinda R., Nicole Kwan, Catarina Pien, Grace Auringer, Evan W. Carson, Dennis E. Cocherell, Luke Ellison, et al. 2023. “Captive-Reared Delta Smelt (Hypomesus Transpacificus) Exhibit High Survival in Natural Conditions Using in Situ Enclosures.” PLOS ONE 18 (5): e0286027.

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Dowd, Wes, and Dietmar Kueltz. 2023. “Muted Molecular Responses to Thermal Stress in the Antarctic Emerald Rockcod (Trematomus Bernacchii): Proteomic Evidence and Possible Evolutionary Mechanisms.” Physiology 38 (S1): 5731667.

Elsmore, Kristen, Kerry J Nickols, Luke P Miller, Tom Ford, Mark W Denny, and Brian Gaylord. 2023. “Wave Damping by Giant Kelp, Macrocystis Pyrifera.” Annals of Botany, July, mcad094.

Jacinto, Emily, Nann A. Fangue, Dennis E. Cocherell, Joseph D. Kiernan, Peter B. Moyle, and Andrew L. Rypel. 2023. “Increasing Stability of a Native Freshwater Fish Assemblage Following Flow Rehabilitation.” Ecological Applications 33 (5): e2868.

Kempf, Hannah L., David A. Gold, and Sandra J. Carlson. 2023. “Investigating the Relationship between Growth Rate, Shell Morphology, and Trace Element Composition of the Pacific Littleneck Clam (Leukoma Staminea): Implications for Paleoclimate Reconstructions.” Minerals 13 (6): 814.

Kennedy, Esther G., Meghan Zulian, Sara L. Hamilton, Tessa M. Hill, Manuel Delgado, Carina R. Fish, Brian Gaylord, et al. 2023. “A High-Resolution Synthesis Dataset for Multistressor Analyses along the U.S. West Coast.” Earth System Science Data Discussions, May, 1–40.

Khazan, Emily S., María Paula Salazar Sastoque, Anya Brown, Camilo Salazar, and Melissa Sánchez Herrera. 2023. “Abdominal Microbiome Composition and Diversity of Two Heliconius Species (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in the Colombian Andes.” Tropical Lepidoptera Research, April, 70–76.

Klanten, O. Selma, Mailie Gall, Sergio S. Barbosa, Michael W. Hart, Carson C. Keever, Jonathan B. Puritz, Januar Harantio, et al. n.d. “Population Connectivity across East Australia’s Bioregions and Larval Duration of the Range-Extending Sea Star Meridiastra Calcar.” Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems n/a (n/a). Accessed July 25, 2023.

Mauduit, Florian, Amelie Segarra, Julia R. Sherman, Michelle L. Hladik, Luann Wong, Thomas M. Young, Levi S. Lewis, Tien-Chieh Hung, Nann A. Fangue, and Richard E. Connon. 2023. “Bifenthrin, a Ubiquitous Contaminant, Impairs the Development and Behavior of the Threatened Longfin Smelt during Early Life Stages.” Environmental Science & Technology 57 (26): 9580–91.

Post, Eric, Elina Kaarlejärvi, Marc Macias-Fauria, David A. Watts, Pernille Sporon Bøving, Sean M. P. Cahoon, R. Conor Higgins, et al. 2023. “Large Herbivore Diversity Slows Sea Ice–Associated Decline in Arctic Tundra Diversity.” Science 380 (6651): 1282–87.

Ridlon, April D., Edwin D. Grosholz, Boze Hancock, Margaret W. Miller, Aric Bickel, Halley E. Froehlich, Diego Lirman, et al. 2023. “Culturing for Conservation: The Need for Timely Investments in Reef Aquaculture.” Frontiers in Marine Science 10.

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Root, Larken, and Dietmar Kültz. n.d. “Effects of Pejus and Pessimum Zone Salinity Stress on Gill Proteome Networks and Energy Homeostasis in Oreochromis Mossambicus.” PROTEOMICS n/a (n/a): 2300121.

Rosado, Phillipe, Natascha Varona, Jonathan A. Eisen, and Raquel S. Peixoto. 2023. “AN INCREDIBLE INVISIBLE WORLD: HOW MICROORGANISMS COULD TAKE CARE OF CORALS IN DIFFICULT TIMES.” An Alien Place on Earth: The Red Sea as a Model for Future Oceans, 105.

Schiebelhut, Lauren M., Richard K. Grosberg, John J. Stachowicz, and Rachael A. Bay. 2023. “Genomic Responses to Parallel Temperature Gradients in the Eelgrass Zostera Marina in Adjacent Bays.” Molecular Ecology 32 (11): 2835–49.

Schul, Monica D., Dagny-Elise Anastasious, Lindsay J. Spiers, Julie L. Meyer, Thomas K. Frazer, and Anya L. Brown. 2023. “Concordance of Microbial and Visual Health Indicators of White-Band Disease in Nursery Reared Caribbean Coral Acropora Cervicornis.” PeerJ 11 (June): e15170.

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