Recent Publications

Publications from CMSI affiliates in the past quarter:

Backus, Gregory A., Christopher F. Clements, and Marissa L. Baskett. 2024. “Restoring Spatiotemporal Variability to Enhance the Capacity for Dispersal-Limited Species to Track Climate Change.” Ecology 105 (4): e4257.

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Con, Pazit, Jens Hamar, Jakob Biran, Dietmar Kültz, and Avner Cnaani. 2024. “Cell-Based Homologous Expression System for in-Vitro Characterization of Environmental Effects on Transmembrane Peptide Transport in Fish.” Current Research in Physiology 7 (January): 100118.

Duckwall, Casey, John L. Largier, Evie A. Wieters, and Fernanda S. Valdovinos. 2024. “Modeling Time-Varying Phytoplankton Subsidy Reveals at-Risk Species in a Chilean Intertidal Ecosystem.” Scientific Reports 14 (1): 6995.

Elsmore, Kristen, Kerry J Nickols, Luke P Miller, Tom Ford, Mark W Denny, and Brian Gaylord. 2024. “Wave Damping by Giant Kelp, Macrocystis Pyrifera.” Annals of Botany 133 (1): 29–40.

Golden, Abigail S, Marissa L Baskett, Dan Holland, Arielle Levine, Kathy Mills, and Timothy Essington. 2024. “Climate Adaptation Depends on Rebalancing Flexibility and Rigidity in US Fisheries Management.” ICES Journal of Marine Science 81 (2): 252–59.

Hamar, Jens, Avner Cnaani, and Dietmar Kültz. 2024. “Effects of CRISPR/Cas9 Targeting of the Myo-Inositol Biosynthesis Pathway on Hyper-Osmotic Tolerance of Tilapia Cells.” Genomics 116 (3): 110833.

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Huff Hartz, Kara E., Katie J. Knaub, Md. Habibullah-Al-Mamun, Richard E. Connon, Greg W. Whitledge, Amélie Segarra, and Michael J. Lydy. 2024. “Using an Internal Body Residue Approach to Assess Acute Pesticide Toxicity in Juvenile Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus Tshawytscha).” Environmental Pollution 346 (April): 123364.

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Hutton, Sara J., Samreen Siddiqui, Emily I. Pedersen, Christopher Y. Markgraf, Amelie Segarra, Michelle L. Hladik, Richard E. Connon, and Susanne M. Brander. 2024. “Multigenerational, Indirect Exposure to Pyrethroids Demonstrates Potential Compensatory Response and Reduced Toxicity at Higher Salinity in Estuarine Fish.” Environmental Science & Technology 58 (5): 2224–35.

Jadallah, Christopher, Heidi Ballard, Ryan McLaren Meyer, Cynthia Carter Ching, and Alexis Patterson Williams. 2024. “‘Seeing Power’ between Young People and Conservation Professionals in the Design of a Community-Based Watershed Monitoring Initiative.” Journal of the Learning Sciences 33 (1): 1–40.

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Lonthair, Joshua K., Nicholas C. Wegner, Brian S. Cheng, Nann A. Fangue, Matthew J. O’Donnell, Amy M. Regish, John D. Swenson, et al. 2024. “Smaller Body Size under Warming Is Not Due to Gill-Oxygen Limitation in a Cold-Water Salmonid.” Journal of Experimental Biology 227 (4): jeb246477.

Meyer, Alexander D., Alan Hastings, and John L. Largier. 2024. “Making Your Own Luck: Weak Vertical Swimming Improves Dispersal Success for Coastal Marine Larvae.” Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 86 (3): 23.

Mihalitsis, Michalis, David R. Bellwood, and Peter C. Wainwright. 2023. “Sit and Survive: Predation Avoidance by Cryptobenthic Coral Reef Fishes.” Marine Biology 171 (1): 7.

Miller, Jeffrey T., Bryan W. Clark, Noah M. Reid, Sibel I. Karchner, Jennifer L. Roach, Mark E. Hahn, Diane Nacci, and Andrew Whitehead. 2023. “Independently Evolved Pollution Resistance in Four Killifish Populations Is Largely Explained by Few Variants of Large Effect.” bioRxiv, April, 2023.04.07.536079.

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Sundararaman, Balaji, Karen Shapiro, Andrea Packham, Lauren E. Camp, Rachel S. Meyer, Beth Shapiro, and Richard E. Green. 2024. “Whole Genome Enrichment Approach for Genomic Surveillance of Toxoplasma Gondii.” Food Microbiology 118 (April): 104403.

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Zimmerhackel, Johanna, Cristina Piñeiro-Corbeira, Kjell Magnus, Norderhaug, Karen Filbee-Dextera, Thomas Wernberg, and GEAK Network. 2023. “Dependency of Commercial Fisheries on Kelp Forests for Valuation of Ecosystem Services.”