Recent Publications

Publications from CMSI affiliates in the past quarter:


Brittany M. Jellison, Kristen E. Elsmore, et al., (2022) Low-pH seawater alters indirect interactions in rocky-shore tidepools, Ecology and Evolution

Roxanne M. W. Banker, Jacob Lipovac, et al., (2022) Sodium molybdate does not inhibit sulfate-reducing bacteria but increases shell growth in the Pacific oyster Magallana gigas, PLOS One

Alexandra G. McInturf, Barbara Muhling, et al., (2022) Spatial Distribution, Temporal Changes, and Knowledge Gaps in Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus) Sightings in the California Current Ecosystem, Frontiers in Marine Science

Sara E. Boles, Isabelle P. Neylan, et al., (2022) Evaluation of Gonad Reproductive Condition Using Non-invasive Ultrasonography in Red Abalone (Haliotis rufescens), Frontiers in Marine Science

Nicole M. Aha, Peter B. Moyle, et al., (2022) Managed Wetlands Can Benefit Juvenile Chinook Salmon in a Tidal Marsh, Estuaries and Coasts

Sergio A. Valbuena., Fabián A. Bombardelli, et al., (2022) 3D flow structures during upwelling events in lakes of moderate size, Advancing Earth and Space Science

Elizabeth A. Mojica, Dietmar Kültz (2022) Physiological mechanisms of stress-induced evolution, Journal of Experimental Biology

Gille, Daphne A.; Barney, Bryan T.; Segarra, et al., (2022) Investigation of Molecular Pathogen Screening Assays for Use in Delta Smelt, San Francisco Estuary and Watershed Science

Laura Rogers-Bennett, Gabrielle Yang, Jordan D. Mann (2022) Using the Resist-Accept-Direct management framework to respond to climate-driven transformations in marine ecosystems, Fisheries Management and Ecology

Josefin Stiller, Graham Short, et al., (2022) Phylogenomic analysis of Syngnathidae reveals novel relationships, origins of endemic diversity and variable diversification rates, BMC Biology

Collin J. Farrell, Brett M. Johnson, et al., (2022) Cytological and molecular approaches for ploidy determination: results from a wild Walleye population, American Fisheries Society

Benjamin G. Rubinoff, Edwin D. Grosholz (2022) Biological invasions alter consumer–stress relationships along an estuarine gradient, Ecology

Nicole M. Kollars, John J. Stachowicz (2022) Disturbance decreases genotypic diversity by reducing colonization: Implications for disturbance–diversity feedbacks, Ecological Society of America

Uri Abdu, Danna Titelboim, et al., (2022) The transcriptomic signature of cold and heat stress in benthic foraminifera - Implications for range expansions of marine calcifiers, EGU General Assembly

Eliza Oldach, Helen Killeen, et al., (2022) Managed and unmanaged whale mortality in the California Current Ecosystem, Marine Policy