BML-SRJC Internship Program, photo credit David Slipher

Santa Rosa Junior College-BML Internship Program

Through this collaboration, Santa Rosa Junior College and the Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Bodega Marine Laboratory hope to contribute to increased diversity within the sciences as well as foster stronger ties between both institutions and local communities.

SRJC BML InternsWhat is the BML-SRJC internship program?

The SRJC-BML Internship Program provides summer research opportunities for Santa Rosa Junior College students at the Bodega Marine Laboratory. This program helps pair SRJC students who have shown a dedicated interest to biological sciences with research mentors at BML who could use help with scientific projects, largely focused on marine science. We primarily organize summer internships, however we have facilitated year-round opportunities as well.

What kinds of projects have people done in the past?

We have had a variety of different science projects, although mostly related to marine/coastal environmental science. Most projects involve a combination of laboratory and field work. Previous internships have involved ecological fieldwork in Bodega Bay and Tomales Bay, detailed microscopy on larval crustaceans and fish, maintaining aquaculture and animal husbandry efforts at BML, and assisting in chemical analyses in ocean acidification research.

SRJC-BML Internship ProgramWe have also had several students conduct independent research projects with the help of their mentors. At least two of the 2018 cohort will be presenting the results of their independent projects as scientific posters at conferences this fall.

Thus far, our program has run for four summers with the following number of students. Opportunities and cohort number fluctuate depending upon available projects and interested students. 

What have students gone on to do since leaving BML?

Many of our students have gone on to four-year institutions and pursued further research opportunities at their new universities.

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