Blog Post: SRJC-BML Internship Program 2019

August 23, 2019

By Hannah Palmer and Katie Dubois. Hannah and Katie are PhD Candidates at UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory and are the co-directors of the SRJC-BML Internship Program for 2019.

Blog Post: Making Waves

August 06, 2019

Every summer since 2012, students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have conducted research at UC Davis as part of the UC-HBCU Initiative. And every summer, Rick Grosberg, Professor and Director of the Coastal and Marine Science Institute, and I have taken a group of these and other summer research students to the Bodega Marine Laboratory.

Blog Post: Graduate School as a Long, Long Run

May 03, 2019

By Robert Crystal-Ornales

I’m 13 miles into a 32 mile footrace and my legs refuse to move another inch. I started winding my way through trails on the foggy Mendocino coast hours ago. Now, after crossing a couple of icy cold streams and climbing 4,000 feet through the redwoods my legs and I battle.

Blog Post: No, not because of Fukushima: An Explanation of Northern California’s Red Abalone Decline

April 02, 2019

By Malina Loeher

“Oh, because of Fukushima…” When beachgoers see my abalone shirt and ask about my conservation work, this is the misconception frequently returned to me in northern California. Coastal residents have been harvesting red abalone for hundreds of years, but recent population decline and closure of the last recreational fishery have brought abalone into the public’s eye.

Often I hear, “it’s because of the urchins!” or “climate change, am I right?”