Friday Forums at Bodega Marine Laboratory

A group of people gathered in the South Lounge at BML, attentively watching a presentation being given at one end of the room.

Event Date

2099 Westshore Road Bodega Bay, CA 94923

Friday Forums are 30-40 minute presentations followed by Q&A and discussion and take place every other Friday at BML. Topics can include research findings preliminary results, ideas for future projects, and more. All Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve affiliates are invited to attend, as these gatherings are not intended just for researchers. Please reach out to Eric Sanford with any questions.

Spring/Summer 2024 Schedule:

April 19

“Biological diversity of the US naval base on San Nicolas Island”

Speaker: Dr. Sara Boles

May 3

“Starting fresh in California? Planning research in a new place”

Speaker: Dr. Sean Godwin

May 17

“Explorations in the Southern Hemisphere”

Speaker: Dr. Anya Brown

June 28

"Climate change and our community"

Speaker: Marcela Prado-Zapata and Nicholas Trautman

July 12

“Climate change and marine calcifiers – a paleobiology perspective”

Speaker: Dr. David Gold

August 9th

"Service through science: Using your expertise to build capacity and meaningful partnerships beyond the academy"

Speaker: Dr. Alyssa Griffin

August 23

“Exploring the effects of an urban pollutant on a widespread marine Invertebrate, the Pacific Purple Sea Urchin”

Speaker: Maddie Armstrong