My summer 2021 experience working out in the field

This guest blog highlights the experience of a Santa Rosa Junior College - Bodega Marine Laboratory Internship Program participant. The SRJC-BML Internship program is committed to creating an inclusive space for the development of new scientists and leaders and to provide interns with experience conducting research essential to developing careers in the sciences. 
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Episode 6 of UC Davis' Unfold Podcast takes a deep dive into oceans and a changing climate

Oceans have always done us a favor, absorbing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. But now rising greenhouse gases are warming the ocean and changing its chemistry. All of this is putting marine species and ecosystems at risk, threatening food security and the livelihoods of people along its shores. In this episode of Unfold, we’ll take a deep dive into the ocean to examine the effects of climate change.

In this episode:

The Return To Fieldwork

Even in the most unusual of times, the importance of research remains.

Four UC Davis students in the marine sciences recount the very different ways in which their research has been affected by the pandemic and how they are cautiously resuming critical and time-sensitive fieldwork under unique circumstances.

Restoration of Native Olympia Oysters Under Climate Change

An important focus for Ted Grosholz involves the ecology and potential for restoration of native Olympia oysters Ostreola conchaphila (previously Ostrea lurida) in western estuaries. Estuaries in California have been heavily impacted by human activities that have resulted in substantial loss of habitat, invasion by non-native species, inputs of sediments and contaminants and other stressors that have resulted in substantial declines in ecosystem function.