Stachowicz Lab

CMSI Announces the Appointment of a New Interim Director

The Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute (CMSI) is thrilled to announce that Professor Jay Stachowicz has accepted the role of interim Director of CMSI.

With Jay at the helm, CMSI launches into the second decade of its exciting journey. His vision and dedication will be pivotal in cementing CMSI’s leadership of coastal and marine science at @ucdavis; we look forward to stronger connections and collaborations between researchers and students across our campus and beyond.

From Plant to Powder: An Eelgrass Odyssey

From Plant to Powder: An Eelgrass Odyssey

“They are so green!” Dr. Katie DuBois exclaimed as I held the fluorescent green test tube in my hand. The contents of this test tube may look like some vile concoction from a mad science lab, but they are in fact the remnants of a marine plant called eelgrass, Zostera marina

Biodiversity and Community Ecology

Biodiversity is, simply, the variety of life on Earth, and can be characterized at various levels from genes, to species and ecosystems. Understanding the causes of patterns of the diversity of life on Earth and the functional consequences of natural and human-caused variation in that diversity are fundamental goals of ecology and a focus of active research at BML. These studies are all the more pressing given the impact that human activities have on biodiversity.