Coronavirus Information - The Bodega Marine Laboratory has suspended visiting hours and public tours until further notice.

Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve are open to research affiliates, see COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures  |  COVID-19 Daily Symptom Survey

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures

At BML and BMR we have a responsibility to follow guidelines and requirements to help protect fellow community members. This information is intended to serve as a dynamic guide for what you can expect as our operations evolve, and what will be expected of you. Please check back often for new resources and information.

Please direct questions about these processes to the BML COVID Workgroup.

COVID-19 Policies for All Users

All BML/BMR staff, students and visitors  must follow these steps below before accessing BML and BMR:

  • Review the BML/BMR COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures.
  • Complete the Daily Symptom Survey. You must have an “Approved” confirmation from the Symptom Survey before you may appear on site.
  • Monitor your symptoms, stay home if you’re sick and report positive cases for yourself or members of your household.
  • Individuals who have a verified vaccine exemption or those who cannot provide proof of vaccination are required to comply with routine COVID testing policies.


Masks indoors are strongly recommended by UC Davis, BML, and our public health officials, both for vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Even if you are not personally concerned about the health risks of COVID, remember that our community includes  vulnerable members. Thus, everyone is strongly encouraged to wear masks indoors, especially in shared spaces.

Non-UC Davis Visitors (UC and Non-UC affiliates)

In addition to complying with the policies and completing the Daily Symptom Survey as outlined above, all non-UC Davis visitors (UC and Non-UC affiliates) conducting research at BML, entering buildings, facilities, or working on the Reserve must comply with one the following:

  1. Provide verification of vaccination and booster (fully vaccinated=primary vaccinations + booster) or negative PCR test results to the appropriate BML contact (listed below) and undergo COVID-19 PCR testing every 14 days (negative results documented from 2-3 days prior to arrival). See “Testing” for more information.
  2. Communicate vaccination verified exemption status and PCR test results to the appropriate BML contact (listed below) and undergo COVID-19 testing every 4 days (negative results documented from 2-3 days prior to arrival). See “Testing” for more information.

Provide verification of vaccination and test results to the appropriate BML contact:

  • Those staying in Housing must verify vaccination status with Housing manager, Jennifer Sauter.
  • People using the lab, not staying in Housing, must verify vaccination status with Lab Manager, Al Carranza.
  • Test results should be communicated with your BML Host or Lab Manager, Al Carranza.

Short-term Visitors

Those people visiting or attending an event (less than one day) at BML are required to provide proof of full vaccination (primary vaccination + booster) or a recent negative COVID-19 PCR test result for admittance. Entrance requirements can be met in one of three ways:

  1. A visitor can show their BML/BMR host or event coordinator their CDC Vaccine Card (phone image acceptable) or digital vaccine record from the State of California. International students may show their translated vaccine record.
  2. UC Davis employees or students can show their BML/BMR host their valid Daily Symptom Survey compliance email.
  3. Show BML/BMR host a negative COVID-19 test result from the last 72 hours (must be a lab/PCR test; home tests/antigen tests are not valid).

Note: It is the responsibility of the host or event coordinator to ensure that BML/BMR visitors are compliant with the above requirements.

    COVID Testing

    Beginning 6/24/22 routine testing will no longer be required for UC Davis affiliates who are fully vaccinated (those with both primary vaccination(s) + booster). These individuals are strongly encouraged to get tested voluntarily, and report results every 14 days. The Picture Genetics test kits will remain available to UCD affiliates.

    Anyone testing positive is still required to notify the university; those diagnosed with COVID-19 are also required to maintain isolation in accordance with public health guidelines.

    • UC Davis students and employees who have verified they are fully vaccinated (primary vaccination + booster) are no longer required to participate in routine testing, but are encouraged to voluntarily undergo testing and report results every 14 days.
    • Unvaccinated UC Davis students and employees are required to undergo testing and report results at least every four days.
    • UC Davis affiliates who are not fully vaccinated but have an approved exception must undergo testing every four days, for more information see “Testing”.
    • Non-UC affiliates who are not fully vaccinated must undergo testing every four days, see “Testing”.

    Reporting COVID

    All employees and students must use the reporting process when:

    You receive a positive COVID-19 test result or a COVID-positive diagnosis from an outside/community physician.

    You are advised that you are a Close Contact to a COVID-19 positive person within the past 10 days.

    • What should I do if I test positive?  Report your result to UC Davis and follow the isolation protocols here.

    • What should I do if I’m considered a close contact?  Follow the quarantine protocols here. Definition of a close contact can be found here.

    • What can I expect to hear about a potential worksite exposure?  If you’re considered a close contact, you will be alerted by the person who tested positive. 

    Phase 4 Operation 

    BML and BMR are open under Phase 4 operation with some restrictions. Access to the Lab and Reserve by UCD affiliates will be made via regular communication channels to applicable administration; no special BML/BMR administrative approval needed. Outside (non-UCD), independent research must be approved and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The Lab and Reserve will remain closed to the general public with some exceptions to accommodate select small groups.

    Research Users

    Phase 4 allows requests to use BML for all UC Davis affiliates and opens requests for all other UCs and their affiliates, as well non-UC requesters.

    BML/BMR residents and UCD researchers do not need approval from BML/BMR administration for access to BML buildings, but must complete the Daily Symptom Survey and meet vaccination and reporting requirements.

    PIs or hosts of visitors coming to BML must:

    Restrictions continued under Phase 4:

    • BML will still be closed to the public for Friday tours.
    • BML Administration must approve social gatherings (such as BBQs and exit seminar celebrations) and select tours.