In coordination with the Sonoma County Health Order, the Bodega Marine Laboratory has suspended visiting hours and public tours until further notice.

Bodega Marine Laboratory and Bodega Marine Reserve are open to UC Davis affiliates who must review and submit appropriate documentation, see COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures.

COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures

New COVID Testing Requirements for UCD Faculty, Students & Staff


UC Davis is now extending weekly COVID-19 testing benefits to UC Davis Faculty, Students and Staff who are residents and access UC Davis remote sites regularly, similar to the program on campus. Currently on campus, all employees and students who come to campus (not those working or taking classes remotely) are required to be tested weekly in order to access buildings. 

  • Anybody coming to BML/BMR from campus (or surrounding regions) must be tested using the campus program, not this new remote site program.
  • Access to UC Davis facilities is limited by policy to students and employees who remain current on testing every seven days. Until now, testing wasn’t readily available to UC Davis affiliates working at remote sites, but at-home testing is now available to you through Picture Genetics.
  • In order to continue accessing UC Davis facilities, employees and students will need to verify on the Daily Symptom Survey that you have submitted a COVID-19 test sample within the past seven days or are not entering University buildings in Yolo County.


  • The UCD COVID testing requirement (at-home test) is routine, therefore if you are not symptomatic, and have an “approved” status on the Daily Symptom Survey, you are not required to obtain the test results before you can plan to appear onsite.
  • If you were exposed to COVID-19 or are symptomatic you should proceed with testing via the most expedient means and have a confirmed negative result before appearing onsite. You would report a positive test result.


Students and employees (staff and academic) who are based out of remote facilities are eligible – including those who telecommute and also have in-facility responsibilities.

If you are primarily working remotely and not regularly working onsite, we request that you do not use the testing kits until you plan to come to BML.

  • At-home testing is available once every seven days.
  • At-home testing is NOT available for non-affiliates, such as family members.
  • At-home testing DOES NOT include students participating in coursework entirely on a remote basis.
  • At-home testing is NOT available to affiliates working in Yolo or Sacramento Counties who have access to COVID-19 testing on campus.

An initial list of BML/BMR students and employees has been provided to campus and those people should have already received an email regarding the at home testing procedures (detailed below). If you believe you should be on the list of people to be tested using the Picture Genetics at home kit and have not received the campus email, please contact Al Carranza as soon as possible.

Please address inquiries about eligibility or testing requirements to the BML COVID Workgroup.


1. Every week you should request a no-cost COVID-19 test kit redemption code (gift code) via the Supply Chain Management website.

  • You will initially receive two gift codes from Supply Chain Management by email and you should request two test kits from Picture Genetics immediately.
  • Once you use your first kit, be sure to request your next gift code, so you’ll always have a test kit ready at home.

2. Redeem your gift code online at Picture Genetics.

  • Select “I have a code, but no kit” to request your kit
  • Enter your gift code
  • Enter demographic information required by state for data reporting
  • Complete eligibility screening for symptoms
  • Complete account creation or login

3. Test kits will arrive at your home via Fed Ex, typically within 48 hours.


4. Follow the nasal-swab instructions in the test kit.

5. Return your nasal sample before 5 p.m. to a Fed Ex location on the same day it was taken. Your nasal sample must arrive at Picture Genetics’ lab within 48 hrs.

  • Do not drop off sample at Fed Ex on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Do not drop off sample after Fed Ex’s last pick-up time (typically 5 p.m.).

6. Schedule time weekly to repeat steps 1-5, until further notification.


Your test results (positive or negative) will arrive via email within 24-48 hours of Picture Genetics receiving your nasal sample. UC Davis can also access your test results and the only people authorized to do so are the clinical staff at Occupational Health Services.

  • Positive COVID-19 Test Results
    Per policy, you must report your positive test result to UC Davis. Additionally,
    • You will be contacted by UC Davis for contact tracing purposes and to identify any facility cleaning needs.
    • You will be contacted by a physician contracted by Picture Genetics to review the results and receive instruction for isolation requirements. You will also be instructed to notify any close contacts who might be at risk.
    • Your test result will be forwarded by Picture Genetics to the California Department of Public Health database, for reporting to your county’s public health agency.
    • You may be contacted by county officials for contact tracing purposes.
  • Inconclusive COVID-19 Test Results
    • You will receive an email from Picture Genetics to re-test.
    • Please use your back-up test kit to submit a new test as soon as possible.


Bodega Marine Laboratory (BML) and Bodega Marine Reserve (BMR) COVID-19 Safety Plan and Operating Procedures

At BML and BMR we all have a responsibility to follow new policies and requirements to help protect fellow community members. This information is intended to serve as a dynamic guide for what you can expect as BML operations evolve, and what will be expected of you. Please check back often for new resources and information.

Please direct questions/comments/concerns about these processes to

All Users must follow the steps below before accessing BML and BMR

1/ All users must read through the COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures. It’s imperative that you understand the plan and agree to the terms, particularly the established special hygiene protocols.  

2/ All users must review the COVID-19 Cleaning and Disinfection Protocols

3/ All users must sign and return the COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedure acknowledgement to Al Carranza for filing. Please do not sign this acknowledgement until you have read the COVID-19 Safety Plan & Operating Procedures carefully and completely. Failure to comply with any of the requirements within this document may result in your restriction from the Lab and Reserve. 

4/ All users entering BML facilities must fill out the Daily Symptom Survey  once a day, before appearing on site.

5/ All users entering BML facilities must fill out the Daily Access Log to record arrival and departure times, and the spaces you were in.

Note: BML Housing residents do not need to complete the Daily Symptom Survey or the Daily Access Log unless they are using facilities at the Laboratory or the Gym at Housing.

Research Users

In addition to the above steps, Principal Investigators need to complete and submit the Activity Request Form for laboratory and research activities. This form should be completed by PIs or their designated authority. If there are multiple projects proposed, please fill out one for each distinct project.

Return the form to Al Carranza who will forward it for appropriate approval.

This form will ensure that the project(s) you are proposing meets with the current requirements established by the UC Davis Office of Research:

  • Seasonal data collection such as field and agricultural work, time-sensitive human subject research studies, experiments close to completion – or deadline driven – whose pause or deferral would lead to long delays or loss of research results. 

  • Generation-driven animal and plant experimentation must be carried out or the value of the animal colony or plant varieties for research will be lost.

  • Lab and field access for students and postdocs close to completing their degree/term of appointment.  Research that is critical to meet thesis requirements for a final defense in the upcoming term or requirements before a graduating student can start a new position that has already been accepted. 

  • Necessary facilities should be staffed and operational to support only the ongoing research activities during Phase II.  Research activities dependent on BML common use facilities (e.g. wet labs) may thus be having a gradual ramp-up during this phase and will be vetted through a process defined by the facilities managers and BML administration.