Tessa Hill, Ph.D.

Tessa Hill

Position Title
CMSI Associate Director of Public Engagement

College of Letters and Science
Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
Bodega Marine Laboratory
Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute

Bodega Marine Laboratory
University of California Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, PO Box 247, 2099 Westshore Rd, Bodega Bay CA 94923

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Members of my laboratory group utilize the geochemistry of microfossils and corals to determine rates and magnitude of climate change, the response and adaptation of species to environmental change, the instability of methane hydrates and the impact of ocean acidification on marine ecosystems.  Stable isotopes (d18O,d13C, d15N), trace elements (Mg/Ca, Sr/Ca), radiocarbon, and foraminiferal species assemblages are used as proxies for temperature and geochemical changes.

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Ongoing research includes

  • California margin sediment records of climate and environmental change
  • Ocean acidification: oceanographic impacts and impacts on native species
  • Deep sea corals as archives of recent ocean circulation and environmental change

To learn more please visit the Hill Biogeochemistry Lab.



Department of Geology and Bodega Marine Laboratory


  • GEL 16, The Oceans
  • GEL/ESP 150C, Biological Oceanography
  • GEL/ESP 116, Oceanography
  • GEL 228, Topics in Paleoceanography

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The Hill Lab

The Hill Biogeochemistry Lab

Former Laboratory Members

  • Sarah Moffitt, Ph.D. Student, B.S. Western Washington University
  • Kate Davis, Ph.D. Student, B.S. University of Pennsylvania, M.S. University of Bristol
  • Kristy Kroeker, Postdoctoral Researcher, Current Position: Assistant Professor UC Santa Cruz
  • Seth Miller, Postdoctoral Researcher, Current position: Fulbright Fellow, Brazil
  • Michele LaVigne, Postdoctoral Researcher, Current position: Assistant Professor, Bowdoin College, Maine
  • Sarah White, M.S., Current position: Ph.D. student, UC Santa Cruz
  • Sarah Flores, M.S., Current position: contractor for the Ocean Protection Council
  • R. Bart Critser, M.S., Current position: Consultant at GeoSteering
  • Chris Myrvold, Ph.D. student, Current position: Andrews Engineering
  • Crystal Replogle, former Jr. Specialist, Received an M.S. from San Diego State University, Current position: ATEM Labs
  • Lisa Jacobs, former Jr. Specialist, Current position: Santa Cruz Biotech
Hill lab 09
Hill lab Summer 2009 L to R: Tessa Hill, Lisa Jacobs, Shane Downing (REU student, Allegheny College), Crystal Replogle, Sarah Flores, Chris Myrvold (missing Sarah Myhre and Sarah White).
HIll lab women
L-R: Sarah Myhre, Tessa Hill and Sarah Flores enjoying sediment coring aboard the R/V Melville, 2008
Hill lab 08
Hill lab Summer 2008 L to R: Tessa Hill, Chris Myrvold, Bart Critser, Kari McLaughlin, Anne Fisher, Sarah Myhre, Sverre Leroy (missing: Sarah Flores).
Hill lab 07
Hill Lab, Summer 2007 (top row, L to R): Clarity Guerra, Mt. Holyoke undergraduate; Bart Critser, M.S. student, Christopher Myrvold, M.S. student, Jessica Bean, Ph.D. student. (bottom row, L to R): Sarah Flores, UCD under-graduate; Anne Fisher, University of the Pacific undergraduate.


HIll lab 06
From left to right: Steve Macallelo, T. Hill, Karen Chan, Johnfranco Saraceno at lab graduation party, June 2006.
REU 06
Stephanie Ho, Research Experience for Undergraduates student, summer 2006: Shallow water foraminifera are fun!


Please contact Tessa Hill for more information.

Prospective Graduate Students

I am seeking motivated, creative and hardworking graduate students interested in any of our ongoing research projects or a project of their own design.

Students interested in applying for graduate study should contact me personally, and:

  1. Go to the UCD Geology Department or the Graduate Group in Ecology websites for application information
  2. Learn about ongoing research in the Geology department on Paleoclimate and Paleoenvironments, Paleobiology, and Geochemistry
  3. Refer to the following websites for information on graduate fellowships:

Other good links for graduate students:

To learn more please visit the Hill Biogeochemistry Lab or contact Tessa Hill.