Marine Protected Areas

8,000 Fish in 12 Days

“Are we gonna catch some fish today?”

“We’re gonna catch some goood fish!”

Jordan Colby and Francine De Castro are Master’s Students in the Toxicology, Physiology, Ecology and Conservation (ToPEC) Lab run by Assistant Professor Christina Pasparakis. They refer to the strong winds and rough weather of Bodega Bay as “Blow-dega Bay.” Leaving at six o’clock in the morning for a two-and-a-half hour mission, Colby and De Castro embark on a trip not only for research with other scientists, but for companionship with local anglers.

Physical Oceanography

Physical coastal oceanography research at BML focuses on ocean upwelling, land runoff, and the connections between coastal estuaries (both small and large) and the ocean. Coastal oceanography at the land-sea interface is a unique niche in oceanography and there is little doubt that the Coastal Oceanography Group (COG), led by John Largier, is highly productive at both regional and national/international levels. The Coastal Oceanography Group focuses on regional place-based research along the north coast of California, taking advant