Sustainable Oceans NRT Program Participants Meet with Coastal Communities

December 11, 2019

By Eliza Oldach

In June, students in the Sustainable Oceans NRT Program journeyed across California’s North Coast, meeting with residents, scientists, and managers to learn about the issues facing coastal communities. Here, Ellie Oldach recounts an experience visiting a marine science center and speaking to Pat, a local fisherman in Fort Bragg, CA. This article is printed with Pat’s permission.

The first thing we notice on entering the Noyo Center, Fort Bragg’s marine science and community hub, is a geodesic dome installed in the back of the room.

NSF Research Traineeship - Sustainable Oceans

Oceans span over 70% of the Earth and play critical roles in almost all facets of human well-being, including regulating climate, biodiversity, and feeding the world’s growing population. A grand challenge for society is to improve the scientific understanding of natural and human impacts on marine ecosystems to ensure that the oceans continue to provide for generations to come.