8 Tips to Ask a Professor to Be Your Mentor

"Interacting with your professors can be one of the most rewarding parts of your experience as an undergraduate student. Many students benefit greatly from having a professor who serves as a mentor — that is, someone in your area of interest who guides, advises, and supports you to help advance your education and career." 

Finding a mentor in college could be your favorite homework

Recently, CMSI affiliates Jacquie Rajerison (MCS grad '21) and Dr. Eric Sanford (BML faculty) were invited to contribute to the UC Davis "What Can I Do with My Major" blog. The article provides valuable tips and guidance for undergraduates to make the most out of their college experiences, including how to ask a professor to be a mentor. 

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A Summer with Abalone and Research

Kordi Kokott is a biology student who recently graduated from the SRJC with an Associates in biology. She’s moving on to become a student at UC Davis to get her bachelor’s in biotechnology. She was an intern at the Bodega Marine Lab in the summer of 2022 and was mentored by Sara Boles.

Coastal California Dreaming: A Taste of Real Science


Nate Bossier is 23 years old, born and raised in Novato California. Recent graduate of Santa Rosa Junior College, Nate is transferring to Cal Poly Humboldt and majoring in Freshwater Fishery Biology.

Let me set the scene. It’s 5:30 am in the morning and I’m driving through thick fog blanketing the roads of West Marin. I’m heading to my first fieldwork outing, and thinking “man, I really signed up for this?”  This was the beginning of a truly eye opening and fulfilling internship with my mentor and UC Davis PhD student, Priya Shukla.

Mussel Shells and Shipwrecks

I am a fourth year biology student at SRJC, transferring to SSU. I am interested in studying ecology and evolutionary biology, and I was initially interested in working with BML through this internship to see if research and academia is something I would want to pursue as a career.

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to work with the Bodega Marine Lab through the SRJC internship program. I was assigned to work with Alisha Saley of Gaylord lab, and I would love to share a little bit of my experience working with her this summer.

Working to Find the Effects of Melting Polar Ice on Baby Kelp

I was one of the Santa Rosa Junior College interns here at Bodega Marine Labs this summer of 2022. I am just beginning my last year at the JC and will transfer to Sonoma State University in the fall of 2023. I am hoping to continue to UC Davis for postgraduate studies and would be thrilled to receive a position here when the time comes.

A day in the Life of a Land Steward

Recent SRJC graduate in Biology. Will go on to major Global Disease Biology Major at UC Davis under the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Planned career in medical research under a PhD program, and excited to learn about the science world.