Coastal Oceanography

Measuring Ocean Acidification in San Francisco Bay

March 02, 2018

UC Davis researchers are part of the first long-term monitoring of ocean acidity and carbon dioxide in the San Francisco Bay. How is this possible? The researchers are collecting data from the newly deployed Bay Ocean Buoy (BOB) and a mooring for Marine Acidification Research Inquiry (MARI).

Estuary Scholar Honored

June 09, 2017

Kathryn (Kate) Hewett is the 2017 recipient of the Neal Van Alfen and James MacDonald Graduate Student Support Fund award for her exemplary research and leadership on the science of estuaries. Kate is a Ph.D. student in the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group. She works with her major professor, John Largier, an oceanographer in the Department of Environmental Science and Policy who is stationed at the Bodega Marine Laboratory. Hewett has been building on her master’s studies on the role of hypoxia, a lack of oxygen, in the Russian River estuary.

Close to Home: Why I chose to March for science on Earth Day

April 23, 2017

UC Davis Environmental Science Professor John Largier took a stand for science this past weekend. Largier is an oceanographer and researcher at Bodega Marine Laboratory. While his work focuses on coastal oceanography focusing on ecological and environmental issues, his passion for science extend outside of the classroom and laboratory as well. He was featured in The Press Democrat detailing why he chose to March for Science this past weekend.